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Meet Henry, a 2.5 year old British Shorthair cat. We saw Henry on Monday afternoon for vomiting and decreased appetite. We did an abdominal X-Ray, where we found a large obstruction in the stomach. Dr Lisanne performed surgery, where to her amazement she found 100gm of hair elastics! Henry is recovering nicely after his big […]

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Special Patient

Special Patient I would like you to meet a very special patient, Zinny. He is a 10 year old Golden Retriever who came to us with a loss of appetite, vomiting and a big, painful abdomen. We did an ultrasound and found he had a large lump on his spleen. Dr Julie Paris and I […]

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Our First Blog Post

Hi guys! Here goes, my very first blog! What better way to start it off, than to show you my first graduating class of Puppy Pre–School. I’ve always had an interest in animal behaviour so when the opportunity came along to do an online puppy school course I thought, why not! So now I present […]

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