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Daisy the wonder dog, before and after

Daisy's owners noticed her getting lame in the past 8 months, she struggled to walk to the park and became wobbly on her back legs. Daisy is only 4 years old and so she had xrays at the local vet which didn't show any problems. She had gained a lot of weight but this was thought to be due to her walking less. Her coat was becoming dull and her fur was falling out easily. We performed blood tests and found Daisy was suffering from hypo-thyroidism, which slowed her metabolism and made her sluggish. Daisy now takes twice daily thyroid supplements and in one week she has started pulling her Mum to the park, is chasing leaves in the garden and loves to play fetch again.

There is no cure for this problem and she will have to stay on daily medication but she has become a fun loving, active dog again.


Pet Care

We have a large range of pet food and prescription diets and also pet care products and accessories. If we haven’t got a particular item in stock we are happy to order it for you.

Pet Hospital

The intensive care ward allows for continuous monitoring of ill patients and those recovering from anaesthesia. An isolation ward prevents cross infection when animals are hospitalised with infectious diseases. You are welcome to visit your pet in hospital to discuss treatment and progress.

Special Patient Zinny

I would like you to meet a very special patient, Zinny. He is a 10 year old Golden Retriever who came to us with a loss of appetite, vomiting and a big, painful abdomen. We did an ultrasound and found he had a large lump on his spleen. Dr Julie Paris and I performed surgery the next day and were able to remove his entire spleen with the lump, all 2kg of it! Zinny made a speedy recovery from his major surgery and has just had his stitches removed. We are glad to report he is back to his old self enjoying life with his loving family. Dr Kathy

Who we are

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Welcome to PORT MELBOURNE VETERINARY CLINIC & HOSPITAL where the well being of your pets is our priority.

We care for dogs, cats, birds, other small pets and we also treat injured native animals on a compassionate basis.

Our friendly and professional staff are committed to providing quality services to our clients and their pets 7 days a week.

The clinic and hospital are purpose built and fully equipped.

Port Melbourne Veterinary Clinic & Hospital was established in 1997.


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